How to Make One Thousand Two Hundred Ninety Seven Dollars and Thirty Six Cents with DFHU

To follow up to the “How to Hire a Coder” Post, I would like to offer you the chance to work with me personally, FOR FREE.

Do you have an idea for a cool and marketable IM/SEO related web application?

Think, Internet Marketing or Search Engine Optimization tools that could be sold on DFHU.oRG.

Here is the deal: Lots of people who are newer to IM have some really cool ideas for Widgets, Web-Apps, Plugins, etc… but for whatever reason they do not get them made (maybe they wish to invest their dollars elsewhere or may not yet have built the confidence).

Many times people have me create a widget for them, they use it, make some good money with it’s utility, but fail to go the next step and make money off the widget itself.

If you have an idea for a widget that you think can be sold on places like then you could make some monies.

Its really simple, You come up with an idea for a little widget that could sell for somewhere between $30 and $130, I will code and test the project, we can work together on the sales page, and the first $1297.36 the project makes goes to YOU directly.

Oh… and you get to learn some of my more advanced and secret marketing strategies ;)

The catch? It has to make at least $1297.37 before you get paid.

After the $1297.36, you will move to a traditional %75-you/%25-me affiliate program.

- Do you have a great idea for a widget?

- Want to launch it with me (Victory) as a FREE resource for coding and marketing?

- No financial risk, and you could make $1297.37 plus any other affiliate monies you make after that.

If so, email me your idea to [face @ dfhu dot org] or hit me up on Skype [thrilling_victory].

I will choose the idea that is most clearly presented, well thought out and has the greatest chance of turning a reasonable profit.

Using bullets is a big plus, sending a video or mp3 of you talking about the product is a BIG plus. Please also tell me a little bit about yourself.

Disclaimer: I will do everything i can to make the product a success but you still may not make money if the product does not sell enough to turn a $1297.36USD profit.

On Behalf of Complex Adaptive Systems LLC

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