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(ab)using Apache’s `ab` Command to “multi-thread” PHP Files

We are going to address how to how to (ab)use Apache's `ab` function to run concurrent tasks in PHP. This will greatly speed up your scraping, proxy checking, "stats geo-location," etc... type tasks.
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Using Farmers and Distillers To Build Your Niche List and Get Back Links

In this post I am going to flesh out and expand on some of the ideas on how to get those sites which are far away from your money making disc0 to get linked to naturally, create content and help build your list.
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How to Pick a Niche and Dominate Pt 3

A no BSD guide on how to build and dominate your niche market list.
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Moving to SQLite For Those Who Know MySQL

Using PDO/SQLite for those who know MySQL. SQL is a dialect of SQL similar to MySQL. SQLite3 comes with some huge benefits.
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How To Pick A Niche And Dominate: The DFHU Way Pt2

A DFHU style Networks' Link structure is a natural side affect of smart resource management.
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