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Simple PHP Caching With Mixed Static And Dynamic Content
Wrap your long running code snippets with if(cache_start()){ long_running_funtion(); echo "done"; }cache_end(); And this will cache the results. The associated blog post is Simple PHP Caching.

Downlad Simple PHP Cache Library

Hijack Comment Links (WordPress Plugin)
This is a plugin to hijack links in your comments of your blog. You give it a list of yours and it will inject your links, keeping the anchor text in tact. Don’t fight the spam, invite it. Inspired by a question by matt3 of WF Affiliate Forum .
CONTACT ME for the latest version of this, still free and open source (face @

Hijack Comment Links

Where You Been Web Analytics

Give this a script a list of URLs and it will check to see if those
pages are in the user’s browser’s history.

Where You Been Web Analytics

Slow Drip Rss Creator
Given an array of items (consisting of titles, descriptions and links) will create an rss feed with “slow drip” publishing dates. These feeds can be used for importing to your CMS of choice, including WordPress.
RSS Generator Blog Post Post

Download Slow Drip RSS