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The Speed of Various Existential PHP Functions

You want to right a pretty existential function in PHP so you can do things like the following without throwing warnings (warnings that write to disc, or the screen, slow things down and burn platters). If $ar[1][2][3] is not set then a warning is thrown. Examples of Places You Should Use Existential Calls if(42 == [...]
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Hashing Passwords in PHP Using md5 vs sha256 vs bcrypt vs …

Many people have had questions about how to properly store passwords in the database. Most of us have learned that it is a really bad idea to store them in plaintext. Instead of storing them in plaintext we do store them with a one-way hash, such as md5, sha256 or bcrypt. This way even if [...]
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How to Make One Thousand Two Hundred Ninety Seven Dollars and Thirty Six Cents with DFHU

Do you have a great idea for a widget? Want to launch it with me (Victory) as a FREE resource?
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How to Find High Quality and Affordable Programmers.

Fact: Hiring a programmer sucks; everyone has horror stories. Good, affordable programmers are rare and very often constantly booked solid. Fact: I am a programmer and some of the tips I will give will probably cramp programmers style (ironically, including my own).
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When Should You Use a Web Framework Such as CakePHP, Pylons, etc…?

I would like to discuss a few good reasons you or your web developer should use or not use a web framework. Web Development frameworks have taken off since the release of Ruby on Rails (RoR). Some other frameworks that have come along are CakePHP, CodeIgniter (PHP) and Pylons (Python). The basic goal of web [...]
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