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The Speed of Various Existential PHP Functions

You want to right a pretty existential function in PHP so you can do things like the following without throwing warnings (warnings that write to disc, or the screen, slow things down and burn platters). If $ar[1][2][3] is not set then a warning is thrown. Examples of Places You Should Use Existential Calls if(42 == [...]
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Hashing Passwords in PHP Using md5 vs sha256 vs bcrypt vs …

Many people have had questions about how to properly store passwords in the database. Most of us have learned that it is a really bad idea to store them in plaintext. Instead of storing them in plaintext we do store them with a one-way hash, such as md5, sha256 or bcrypt. This way even if [...]
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DFHU Quick Tip: Fighting Spam With User Exeperience Metrics

Do you really want the content from people who have only interacted with your site for 20 seconds?
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Harvest Comment Spammer’s Proxies

The post title pretty much says it all, lets scope open proxies from those who leave spammy comments.
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Hijack Comment Links: A WordPress Plugin

This is a script to hijack all the links in the omments of your automated wordpress blogs.
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