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How to Make One Thousand Two Hundred Ninety Seven Dollars and Thirty Six Cents with DFHU

Do you have a great idea for a widget? Want to launch it with me (Victory) as a FREE resource?
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The Ultimate Real Official Cheatsheet for Running Your User Generated Content Site.

Here is a cheatsheet/scorecard/checklist/whatever that list tactics, policies and mindsets you should use on any User Generated Content site (review site, forum, help site, hobby, etc…). This is how you get more participation (aka more content) written by users.
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DFHU Quick Tip: Teaching Your Affiliates Through Keyword Bounty Hunting

Now that you have an informed list, you might wish to provide them with ... estimate how much a part of SERP real estate is worth to you after commissions and ... You could also try awarding for "keyword difficulty" in a tiered fashion.
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Trading Books and Stamps for Sophisticated, High-Yield Customers.

The basic idea behind these methods can be shown via an old school example (which actually does require fresh air, but i think its the idea that gets you thinking more than the other two which i show. Those you can implement and profit from right away).
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How to Pick a Niche and Dominate Pt 3

A no BSD guide on how to build and dominate your niche market list.
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