DFHU Quick Tip: Fighting Spam With User Exeperience Metrics

As we all know captchas can greatly reduce conversion rates for legitimate user generated content (UGC).

So how can we use User Experience Metrics, (i.e. clicks, scrolls, active time on site … like those gathered by freetale) in order to fight spam?

It may seem simplistic but if you are willing to make sure that the user has been active on the site for at least long enough to skim the content, and has clicked/scrolled enough to most likely be a real human, its probably reasonable to let them post to your UGC site.

Also, do you really want the content from people who have only interacted with your site for 20 seconds? Most likely not.

So add an input <input type="hidden" value="UGC_SCORE"> to you forms where the UGC_SCORE is updated via javascript. This can be part of your metrics for fighting spam.

If you are a coder and would like more info on how to implement this, then feel free to ask in the comments.

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