A Mind For Converting Readers To Organic Linkers

Many of your readers also have websites or social media sites that they are members of.

With that in mind, if you are generating valuable content for these readers than in addition to trying to convert them into buyers you should also considered looking at your readers as potential organic linkers (people who will link to you).

The word “convert” should automatically trigger your little Internet Marketing brain into thinking conversion funnel.

  1. Readers – The top, wide-end, of the conversion funnel is all the readers of your website.
  2. Site Influential – The next level down is all these users who have websites.
  3. The Intrigued – Then there are people who find your content interesting, but don’t know how to make it interesting to others.
  4. The Unjaded – Then there are the people who also find the content’s presentation worthy and it leads them to want to share it.
  5. The Linkers – People who link to you

Now lets address each section of the funnel.


This should be self-explanatory. These are people who actually read your site and like your content. Widening the funnel will create a feedback loop.

Site Influential

These are people who have the ability to link to you because they either own a website, write for a website or are a member of a social media site (digg,facebook,stumbleupon etc…) You should definitely be trying to get your none webmasters to join some social media site(s).

Why aren’t more people doing this when generating content? Why don’t they drop the names of related social sites? For example if your niche is “coding” related you should be mentioning and encouraging your readers to join sites like reddit programming or Stack Overflow.

People have fifty-two thousand “add to any” widgets on their sites and fail to encourage their users to join social sites? It doesn’t completely make sense.

By the way join reddit programming and Stack Overflow.

The Intrigued

These are people who like your content. To get more of them make your content quality. Use info-graphics, be the first authoritative source of information, perform meta-studies, etc….

The Unjaded

These are the people who like your content AND like your presentation. This is very important, don’t make your design so cluttered or your ads so obtrusive (i am looking at you full page ads magazine websites) that people would rather link to the “print this page” version or just cut & paste the content. If you want to put your big spammy ad on the page, do it well AFTER it has gone viral for a day or two.

Make it EASY for people to link. Do this not only by having “add to any” buttons and ping/trackbacks but also by highlighting or adding excerpts of your content that they can easily cut and paste for titles or descriptions.

Read that again, make it absolutely, brain dead trivial to find, choose and yank sound bites of your content in order to cut and paste it into the description/title fields of the social media sites, blogs etc….

For instance, make big, prominent <blockquote> sound bite snippets that stand out via background images or repeat the excerpt of the post on the single post page view like Physorg does it. People should be able to scan your page from a meter away and pick out the punchline.

The linkers

These are the people who actually link to your site. Don’t be shy, thank these people personally if possible via private message or emails. This will encourage them to link again even if your article doesn’t go viral. Also don’t be afraid to thank them in public for waving your flag before anyone else did.

Now would be a darn good time for YOU to link to dfhu.org or to mention it to your email friends or list.

Also rate this post, i added the wp-PostRatings plugins.

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