Trading Books and Stamps for Sophisticated, High-Yield Customers.

Lets discuss some ancient methods for customer aquistion which too many internet marketers seem to ignore (don’t worry they don’t require you to get up from your desk).

The basic idea behind these methods can be shown via an old school example (which actually does require fresh air, but i think its the idea that gets you thinking more than the other two which i show. Those you can implement and profit from right away).

Carpark full of Customers

Often enough there are events around town where people of the a certain, desirable demographic congregate.

For instance a local restaurant owners “convention,” would be a good target if you promoted live music. Restaurant owners often needed live music.

So before the event you would fire up the dot matrix printer and cut out some fliers advertising live music offerings.

Then would then go to a parking lot full of restaurant owners who were looking for more ways to boost their business and shove your fliers under the windshield.

This method often called something like “parasite marketing.” Somebody has already done the work of getting the demographic all in one group and then you just go sell to that list.

A Bookstore Busting Open with Buyers

This is an easy, three step process to getting high-yield, sophisticated customers.

Go to amazon, abebooks, powells, whatever and buy a box full of books which are highly targeted to your niche.

So if your niche is weight loss for women over fifty, you would snag a handful of books who used older celebrity to sell them. Make sure to see what the lowest advertised price is and take note of it.

You then set up your online shop at one of booksellers sites that let you set up your shop. They will get you all the traffic you could possibly want.

You sell your books at fifty cents to two dollars under the current lowest price. This will be a “loss” on the cost of the book.

Now as you are ready to pack up the book, you put your direct sales letters in the box. That is, you put in your “bookmarks,” welcome, free gifts offers, etc inside the packaging.

Time sensitive offers are really effective and “doable” with this method. You can print off a batch of coupons every week and be pretty sure they will get to the customer in such a way that they will expire in two to three days. When customers first open a package in the mail they are highly primed to buy. They are “high” on their last buy if you will.

So there you have it, you have them on a buyers high, holding a highly targeted offer that expires very sooon, chances are really good they are going to want to act.

You also have your “hidden bookmark” ad in the middle of the book with longer running offers, and your “information packet” which is more like a fnews site (but in print). Bonus points for adding a DVD and a workbook.

Selling to the Sad and Savvy

As much as we would love to wish it were not so, every so often we get request for refunds.

Maybe we over sold, maybe the client didn’t realize what was involved, maybe a hundred other things, but anyways when they do ask for a refund make sure to use this as an opportunity to capitalize.

If you are going to cut them a check, make sure you stuff that envelope (literally wrapped around the check) with a flier with a time urgency message pointing affiliate cross sale.

Its basically the secret warpzone in the velvet rope method.

Well I hope this post has given you something to think about. There are many other versions of virtually riding your bike to the convention center and stuffing your ads under the windshields if you spend a little time thinking about it.


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