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How to Make One Thousand Two Hundred Ninety Seven Dollars and Thirty Six Cents with DFHU

Do you have a great idea for a widget? Want to launch it with me (Victory) as a FREE resource?
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Trading Books and Stamps for Sophisticated, High-Yield Customers.

The basic idea behind these methods can be shown via an old school example (which actually does require fresh air, but i think its the idea that gets you thinking more than the other two which i show. Those you can implement and profit from right away).
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Boiled Alive: Beating the Addition to Distraction, Confusion and Lack of Motivation.

Just a word of warning, if you think this is going to be a lot of cheer-leading and pumping you up, then you are sadly mistaken. Most people cast their time management strategies in the light of a seductive seventies style dirty movie, i am going to blare the light from a stark surgical lamp [...]
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